Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Success Depends On helping Others Succeed

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Your Success Depends On helping Others Succeed ..

You're not an isolated island. You're a piece of the planet, a piece of the universe. 

Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows. 

Your success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be, is the support of others. 

When you put yourself in another's place, you'll know why they think and do certain things. You can succeed fastest by helping others to succeed. 

Always think in terms of what the other person wants. You'll get everything in life that you want if you'll help enough other people get what they want. 

Doing things for others always pays dividends. When you help someone's boat across a river, you'll find your own boat has reached the shore too. 

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