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My name is Mar Gonzales, Social Media Entrepreneur and Online Marketer, Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. That is so cool of you!

There comes a point in every person’s life, wherein we have to choose which path to take be it in career, personal choice or even life itself. Mine was LIFE.
For more than nine years that I’ve worked in a corporate world as a product analyst, quality control engineer and sales engineer, I am really glad to say that I have no regrets the day I’ve decided to resign. Mainly for two reasons: I now control my time, and I now control my destiny. No more overtime and no boss telling me what to do and what not to do. YES! Now I have FREEDOM.
My primary reason to work in the corporate world is to better myself and learn the skills I'll need to put up my own business. That I know for sure from the very first day I started to work for someone else. Some people upon working in the corporate world lose themselves. They are there to EARN but forgot to LEARN.
Get up, go to work, then pay your bills. Promotion or pay raise comes, then the cycle repeats itself, get up, go to work, pay your bills. I have come to realize that regardless of the salary range, I almost always hear the same statements from people around whatever the background may be, “No time. No money. Not enough. Too many bills. Too many responsibilities. Someday soon I’ll have this, I’ll have that, etc..” Then I asked myself, when will this scenario change? When will this SOMEDAY happen?
When I was still in the corporate world, I never dreamt of seeking higher positions or higher paychecks. I'm just there to learn how the business operates, discipline myself with time management, stress management, people skills, communication skills - all of which are very crucial if you want to put up your own business later on. This is who I am.
Performance review came third quarter of the year and that's the turning point. For other average person, they would be thrilled and excited what lies in front of their career path and the corresponding pay raise. My boss has set it out for me, and I just simply have to do it. That's the time I've realized that I don't want the path that they're planning ahead for me.  That I should be the one dictating where the path I would want to take and not the path that they wanted me to take. I can’t see myself doing those things for the following year. I know I will not be happy and be fulfilled if I decided to stay. I resigned then the path for me became clearer. That the path that I wanted to take is not the one presented before me during my performance review. I started to look for other bigger opportunities (I mean, not in another corporate world where I will just end up doing the same thing) where I can better myself more. I believe deep down inside that I can do better things, I can contribute to the society more, do greater stuff, and be a greater person.
The NEW Me....
I am an ordinary person like anyone else, who have thought, that we must be contented in whatever may come. But it is wrong because I have found out that we are the author of our own LIFE.. And WE are all responsible to it. WE have the POWER to CHOOSE and change our LIFE for the better living.. A LIFE just like others, doing the same things all over again. and expecting different results is making yourself a fool... Right?  I love taking challenges, because it is how LIFE is meant to be. It cannot be better without any spice on it. Sometimes we need to realize.That we should always FOCUS on our future success, rather than our past discouragements.Failure can only be declared, if YOU quit in your goal. I hate seeing people complaining in LIFE and finding ways to reason out how LIFE is unfair. LIFE is made by GOD fair for all individual. Try to surround your LIFE with SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE and you will be successful. Surround yourself with people with no dreams and you will be like them. I want EVERYBODY to see how I see LIFE, How beautiful it is for YOU and ME...BE WEALTHY SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, SOCIALLY, AND FINANCIALLY.