Thursday, December 15, 2011

Using Online Forums To Generate SiteTraffic

One thing that can help you drive more traffic to your websites and blogs is by utilizing all the forums online. Regardless of what you are promoting, you should be able to come across at least one forum that covers that niche. Because the popular forums have many members they can likely provide your web site with more traffic as can using a number of forums at once. This article will talk about the most effective methods to use forums that will help drive traffic to your web sites.

The first thing you need to understand is that by marketing in forums you will be able to help your site get traffic from two different sources. The first way you will end up generating website traffic is from the Internet forums themselves. There will be a link pointing to your blog or webpage on the online forum and forum users will see it and hopefully click on it. This is a traffic source that will be interested in what you are advertising since they belong to a forum that concentrates on your niche area. The second traffic source is as a result of your own participation in the forum such as giving feedback or asking questions. Whenever you do this you will be leaving link a which will help increase your search engine rankings. The effects of pinoy exchange, not only on you but a lot of others, is a fact that has to be recognized. Sometimes there is simply way too much to even try to cover in one go, and that is important for you to realize and take home. So we feel this is just an ideal time to take a break and examine what has just been covered. After all we have read, this is timely and powerful information that should be considered. The last remaining areas for discussion may be even more important.
Now you only need to locate forums related to your niche and join as many as you can. However, you will want to be active on these forums so only join as many as you can be active on. When you join the forums you will want to set up your user profile and leave a link in your profile pointing back to your web site. Next, get the url of your user profile and ping it to all the ping services. This will make sure the search engines index your links to get you started.
Another place you can put a backlink is in forum signatures, just use a related keyword as a link to your web site. Having done this whenever you comment on the forum the signature with its backlink will be shown too. Still, you will have to realize that several forums will not allow you to add a signature until you have made a particular amount of comments, normally 10, but all forums will want different amounts.

Now all you should do is to log in to every online forum each day and participate in the discussions on the forum. By being an active member you will boost the amount of back links pointing to your website which is good for search engine rankings and more members will see your links also. Another thing you will discover is that the forum pages may also get a good ranking in the search engines, so even people who are not members of the forum, may end up discovering your links.

By becoming a regular contributor to forum discussions you increase your credibility as some sort of expert on the subject which will convince people to follow your links and discover more. In mere seconds you can uncover a few possibly surprising pieces of information concerning weebly site that we think you will really like. The range of readily available information is staggering, and what I have found is most people simply get lost. But, in justness, we will tell you that it is easy to make critical mistakes if you do not have the complete informaton.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Facebook Marketing At Its Best

People spend more than seven hundred billion(700 ) minutes monthly on the Facebook platform, that is according to Facebook's own statistics. Absolutely everyone, seems to be using Facebook now.Too many companies merely configure a Facebook Page, randomly post to it until they get bored, and then leave it to gather dust for months at a time. It is essential that your company explore ways that your audience segments are using the social networking platform and develop a corresponding plan. 

The potential marketing opportunity on Facebook is tremendous for many businesses, and quite possibly for yours! It's not that Facebook replaces your other forms of marketing. But your prospective customers are spending time somewhere. And you want to connect with them and increase the time they spend with your brand. And so if they are on Facebook, and if they are on Facebook a lot, it behooves you to develop a plan to interact with them on Facebook in a way that adds value to their experience.

So, it is much better for you instead to developed a clear Facebook Marketing strategy and then executed on it  with precision? Right?

Here are ways to better Facebook Marketing for your business:

* Facebook Ads - Paid advertising in Facebook is a great opportunity for your business. In that, Facebook enables you to target your audience for your ads in many ways. You can specify the age group, gender, and geographic area of those that will see your ads. Not only that, you can specify the specific interests of your audience as broadly or as narrowly as you'd like. You can set your bid price and campaign budget, and test as many ad images, headlines and ad copy as your heart desires. And if you decide that your campaign is just not working, you can stop the campaign immediately, thus lowering your risk of overspending on your campaign.

Create A Facebook Page - Your audience may value Facebook as a customer service vehicle for your business.In other cases, it might be an appropriate content or news source. In other cases, an appropriate sales source. In other cases, your fans may just want to "talk" with you and feel a part of it all. Align your Page to your strategy, and define associated success metrics.As with any marketing vehicle, to maximize returns for your business you want to understand why you are doing the marketing in the first place, define your marketing goals, and develop a corresponding strategy.

Create Custom Tabs - You can extend the capabilities of your Facebook Page by creating custom tabs. When you start your Facebook Page for your business, your Page has a standard set of "tabs," including a Wall, where posts and comments are published and an Info tab with general information about your company.

Edit Your Tab OrderYour Facebook tabs appear in vertical order on the left side of your Page. Right under the list of tabs is a small "Edit" option. You can use this to customize the order of your tabs (outside of the Wall and Info tabs). This is useful especially if you want a certain tab towards the top, or all the way at the bottom of the list so that it stands out more.

Post Regularly To Your Page - We've all seen them. Facebook Pages where the business was overly excited when setting up their Page, with 7 posts the first day, and then no more posts the following three months. Just as with any marketing for your business, if you are going to do it, then do it well. By ignoring your Facebook Page for months at a time, you send a message to your audience that you just don't care. So decide if a Facebook Page is something your business needs, and if the answer is yes then at least stick to some type of posting schedule.

Let Them Sign - Let Everyone who "LIKE" your page sign up.Giving your audience something of value in exchange for a registration or sign-up can be valuable to your business, as it enables you to have an ongoing conversation with those who have expressed interest. So, hold a competition or freebies, or simply offer a sign-up form for something of value in return.

Update RegularlyFacebook Page Administrators are able to send messages to everyone who "Likes" their Page. So when you have something of value to let your fans know about, send out an update and make them aware. Just be very prudent with the frequency of this technique. Send stuff to your fans only when it really matters.

* Comment BackIf someone takes the time to comment on your Facebook Wall, answer them. Think about it, if someone calls your business, you answer the phone and you answer their questions. Same with email. Same with a form submission from your website. And it's the same with Facebook.

Navigate To Other Facebook Page - Facebook now enables you to navigate through Facebook "as a Page." Therefore, you can post to other Facebook Pages that you "Like." (Note, this is only for Pages for which permissions have been configured to allow third-party posts.) Just be extra careful with this, as you should post to another Facebook Page ONLY when you have something of true value to add. And be very respectful of the Page owner. DO NOT SPAM. It's just bad marketing.

Share - What can you offer your audience that's of value? That they would want to tell their colleagues about? Facebook is all about sharing and interacting with others. If you truly focus on giving as much value to your prospective customers as possible, they will return the favor by letting others know and providing their own network with the opportunity to experience such value. For example, this could be an eBook, an exclusive offer, a cool competition, etc. It can even be just deliciously awesome content.

Check Facebook Insights - Facebook Insights is a set of analytics that tracks usage and interaction with your Facebook Page. It's available free to every Page administrator. Leverage the Insights data by seeing how people are using your Page. What content is of most interest? What is just not resonating? And then adjust your Page activities accordingly.

Integrate As with any marketing, individual efforts are rarely the most effective way to go. Instead, integrate your marketing wherever possible. Twitter feed, email newsletters and Facebook Page. Your campaign is sure to be more successful, the more integrated you make it. Figure out how your Facebook Page can best serve your audience, and then knock 'em out with amazingly valuable stuff. Be crazy good!!! Your customers and prospective customers are sure to appreciate the enhanced experience, and your business is sure to benefit.

Imagery - All Facebook ads MUST have an image. It’s a requirement. And it must be a static image, as there is no support for animation or Flash technology. The image dimensions should be no greater than 110 pixels wide x 80 pixels high. You can deviate from this, but the aspect ratio in that case should be 4:3 or 16:9. And images need to be no larger than 5MB in order to be uploaded to Facebook. If your image is larger or smaller than 110 x 80 pixels, Facebook will automatically resize the image for you. So it’s ideal for you to take control and resize your images yourself. Make sure that your imagery matches the text messaging. The imagery should support the text and the text should support the imagery. And remember that with the image so tiny, you should avoid placing text in the image itself. For More Marketing Business Tools. Visit the Facebook Ads Page.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To Prevent Affiliate Marketing Frauds?

Many people sign up for affiliate programs to make extra money from the internet.  If you have a website or a blog, why not consider promoting an affiliate company?  However, it’s important to remember that affiliate marketing frauds also abound online so you need to be very careful in making your choice. 

Listed below are essential pointers on how to spot and avoid online affiliate frauds:

Check the company’s reputation. Before joining a company offering an affiliate program, check its background and reputation.  Affiliate marketing scammers may put up a website that looks like the real thing overnight only to disappear after victimizing people.  Never sign up in a rush or without conducting your own investigation.
Don’t pay. Are you being asked to submit payment in order to be registered affiliate?  Stay away from affiliate companies that require an upfront payment in order for you to be part of the program.  The biggest affiliate companies online do not ask for any fee to become an affiliate member.
Check the terms and conditions. Spend time reading the rules and conditions of the affiliate program, no matter how lengthy the agreement is.  Understand the payment structure and see to it that there are no loop holes or suspicious clauses in the affiliate agreement.
Don’t fall for the old “no-work needed” scheme. Do not believe affiliate marketers that promise you to earn big money in an instant or without having to do anything else.  Of course, in order to promote the program, you will need to update your website and work on your search engine ranking – tasks that require time and effort.
Ensure that the affiliate company provides customer support. Before joining a marketing program, check if the company provides reliable support for its affiliate members.  If you have questions, see to it that there is a dedicated team ready to give you quick, clear and straight answers.
In the online world, affiliate programs are so popular and still gaining increased popularity by the minute.  More and more people who have blogs or websites want to become affiliate members.  The success of affiliate marketers has inspired everyone to try out this money-making opportunity themselves.

Despite the fact that affiliate programs are indeed an excellent way to earn money, caution must still be taken.  Many affiliate scams abound online and scammers are also coming up with more inviting schemes to fool people.  How can you tell a legitimate affiliate marketing program and avoid affiliate scams?  Consider the following pointers:

Be realistic. Just because some affiliate marketers have successfully earned thousands of dollars from their affiliate, you should expect the same.  Not all affiliate programs will make you rich in just a short time.  Wanting to earn big right away is what makes affiliate scams so attractive to people.  However, if it’s not for real, you’ll just be wasting your time and effort.
Check the company’s reputation. Joining an affiliate company that has already established a good name for itself and has been around for a long time is your best bet.  Affiliate scams are usually new companies who are out to lure people and then disappear with their money.  Never risk joining an affiliate program just because it promises to bring you big money.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Internet Marketing Strategies

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      A crucial step to make money online is driving targeted and qualified paying traffic to your website. Your business thriving depends on how well you drive targeted traffic to your website, how quickly you can get it there, and how you can keep the traffic returning on an on going basis. Seek out books and tips from professionals on just how to do this.
      It is a good idea to optimize your website on a regular basis to ensure it has a good placement in the web's top search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the top search engines to date. However, the search engine industry is constantly changing and you need to know which of the major "players" is powering the smaller search engines so you will know where to focus your optimization efforts.
     Even though it is important to offer a well built web site that is search engine friendly, it is not enough to drive the desired traffic to most web sites. Several, basic Internet Marketing strategies can be used that will help provide the necessary influx of consumers to an e-commerce site. Online advertising such as email campaigns, paid text and banner ads, traffic generators, and link exchanges are just some of the strategies that can be used to draw visitors to a site. It is important to make careful use of email advertising because spam is the dreaded enemy for most Internet users even though email advertising usually sees the most responses to marketing information. 

     Some of the most effective email uses for marketing are those that result through newsletters and informative ecards that are sent in response to sign ups from visitors. While a mailing list may not be long, the prospective consumers are much more likely to become paying customers. Ezines, ecards and other promotional emails can be quite effective in targeting friendly clients who are waiting for the newest product, service or information from a particular site. Paid text and banner advertisements are more advertisement methods used by any expert . While banner ads are more visible, they do not generate the trust with consumers that text advertisements tend to generate. Text ads are smaller, lesser obtrusive, but marketing analysis suggests that surfers tend to think text ads are more authentic than banner ads. Sometimes the bold shout of a banner ad can be irritating or disingenuous to a web user. Text and banner ads can be purchased by businesses to advertise their sites. The ads provide information regarding a certain goods or service with a link back to the home site. There are some free options that allow businesses to advertise without investing so much without the assurance of a good profit margin. One such way method is by software generators that provide free traffic to sites. It is suggested that sites that must sell products do not do as well with this type of advertising, but websites that depend on information as their source of business tend to do very well. 
     One of the basic and very good Internet marketing strategies that has not lost its strength is link exchanges with similar sites. A good, Internet marketing specialist will make sure that link exchanges are encouraged with only websites of like appeal and focus. It doesn't make good marketing sense for a pet food business to exchange links with an automotive parts dealer. The consumer traffic for each site is extremely diverse and will not provide the desired web surfing that can occur between links of like interest. If a potential customer doesn't find what he or she needs at one site, they can move on to the next that will have the same product or goods but different brands, styles, sizes or amounts. Link exchanges continue to be a very good way to pull in extra traffic for any business site. Rather than losing business to a competitor, this method of online advertising does, in fact, provide more business. As any Internet marketing specialist will attest, the consumer is of course the focus of any advertising campaign.
    All aspects of marketing must grab a consumer's attention, put them at ease, build trust, motivate an action and offer satisfaction after any transaction. "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ." (Colossians 3:23-24) However, grabbing their attention cannot be in the form of obnoxious spam, poorly implemented methods and overblown promises. Online consumers are sophisticated shoppers and growing more so by the day. Any successful marketing campaign must be focused on a target group with a strategy that will draw that particular group to the door without intruding on their sense of good taste. Studying, analyzing, and understanding the target group is critical to determining which of the Internet marketing strategies will work. In order to learn more about the best options for online success, there is extensive online information available from a multitude of sources that offer 'tried and true' tools for advertising in the virtual world.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To Succeed In Internet Marketing?

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Internet world population is impossible to be counted as well as it increases on a daily basis. However, the world of internet marketing is not for is necessary to have courage to take the risk and be quite advantageous to become an internet marketer. In fact, reading a few articles and knowing about social advertising platforms do not make you internet marketer.You have to understand that marketing on the internet is beyond all this and if you think that internet marketing is only about marketing content, videos and posting them, then you will not be successful. 

You have to learn and achieve the credentials of becoming successful internet marketer. It is necessary for you to make sure that you deserve to be called an internet marketer. You have to make a space for yourself in the world of the internet. first of all, you will need to put yourself in a position to be considered with the proper qualifications. If you are working as an internet marketer, then you do not have to market yourself as a newcomer.

You just cannot expect people to read your content and articles as well as follow your blog knowing that you are a newcomer in the internet marketing. If you think that you are writing quality articles, then you have to portray yourself as a high quality author. You do not have to be modern when you are calling yourself as an experienced internet marketer.

Try to remember that modesty is of no virtue. If you can direct the interest of the people to your services or goods by your internet marketing strategy, then you are successful internet marketer. - You should have a top network
It is necessary for you to make sure that you get yourself as a part of the company of successful internet marketers. You have to build influential relationships in your domain of online marketing. 
Being in a reputed company will help you get the needed brand exposure. 

Get education By educating yourself on a continuous basis, you will be able to make a conscious effort to get an edge in the internet market.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Success Depends On helping Others Succeed

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Your Success Depends On helping Others Succeed ..

You're not an isolated island. You're a piece of the planet, a piece of the universe. 

Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows. 

Your success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be, is the support of others. 

When you put yourself in another's place, you'll know why they think and do certain things. You can succeed fastest by helping others to succeed. 

Always think in terms of what the other person wants. You'll get everything in life that you want if you'll help enough other people get what they want. 

Doing things for others always pays dividends. When you help someone's boat across a river, you'll find your own boat has reached the shore too. 

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

101 Ways to Be Happy

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Do you want to be happy? Of course you do, who doesn't?!  Here are 101 easy ways to achieve a better, happier life!
It's not things that make us happy but our experiences.
Travel can have a profound effect on us by taking us out of our comfort zones and opening our eyes to some of the different places and lives that were unknown to us. It's also just fun!
We're obviously big fans of travel, but what else can make you happy? Read on for 101 ways to change your life for the better:

1) Travel when you can. Travel can open your eyes to the world and offer a fresh new perspective.
2) Take a weekend trip. If you haven't got the funds for a jaunt to Paris, no matter. Even a weekend or day long break from home can make you happier.
3) Spend time by the ocean. There's nothing like sand between your toes and fresh sea air.
4) Go camping. Commune with nature closer to home the food will taste better and you'll sleep deeper in the great outdoors.
5) Go skydiving. Face your fears and reap the benefits of this exhilarating extreme sport you'll be euphoric for weeks.
6) Go stargazing. Find a spot relatively free of unnatural light and marvel at the beauty of the night sky.
7) Sit in front of a beautiful view. Find a spot close by with a nice view that you can visit when you need a break. 
8 ) Make enough money to meet your basic needs. Studies have shown that anything beyond that amount will not necessarily make you happier.
9) Avoid financial hierarchies. For a new job, choose a place where everyone makes a similar amount. People feel better when they feel equal to their co-workers.
10) Find satisfaction in the job you have. Don't expect to find one job that will make you happy instead focus on the positive aspects of your work instead of blaming a job for your unhappiness.
11) Take initiative at work. You'll gain professional respect, self-fulfillment and feel more in control in the workplace.
12) Keep plants in your workspace. The LA Times found that employees who decorate their office space are more satisfied with their jobs.
13) Bake cookies and bring them to work. You'll enjoy the baking and making your co-workers happy. 
14) Get enough sleep. Sleeping for 8 hours per night can elevate your mood and better prepare you to greet the day.
15) Take vitamin C. Keeping your immune system happy will keep you happy.
16) Laugh out loud. Laughing releases endorphins and lowers levels of stress hormones.
17) Cook with more garlic. Garlic not only adds delicious flavor to meals, it also keeps blood pressure down to keep you relaxed and healthy.
18) Get more fresh air. Fresh air is invigorating and alters the levels of serotonin in your brain the stuff that makes you happy!
19) Eat more foods with tryptophan. It has an amino acid needed to make serotonin, the chemicals that make you happy. Try more bananas, dairy products and poultry.
20) Work out. Exercising can not only make you feel better about yourself, it also releases endorphins in your body to give you a natural high.
21) Eat chocolate. Besides releasing endorphins and stimulating serotonin production in your brain, chocolate releases phenylethylamine, the chemical that causes feelings of love.
22) Meditate. According to the Dalai Lama as well as several medical studies, meditation not only decreases stress, but also triggers a neurological response that makes you happy.
23) Do yoga. Learning to control your breathing through yoga practice helps you control your responses to stress and fear.
24) Get a massage. Besides its relaxing properties, the touch involved in massage creates warmth in your body and releases the chemical oxytocin—also known as the cuddle hormone.
25) Eat chickpeas (or other beans). Chickpeas have an amino acid that makes you happy, and beans keep your sugar levels steady throughout the day.
26) Have sex. Numerous studies show that a healthy sexual intimacy with a caring partner can have tremendous physical and emotional benefits.
27) Install more windows in your house. Getting enough exposure to the sun has been proven to be crucial to happiness and well-being.
28) Put full-spectrum lights in your home or office. If you live in a wintry climate that doesn't get much sun, you can replicate the effect with light bulbs that mimic the sun's rays.
29) Drink coffee. Studies in Brazil showed that people who drink coffee every day are less likely to suffer from depression. Coffee is the world's most popular mood-enhancing drug, but remember to drink in moderation
30) Eat more spinach. Popeye's favorite green is packed with folic acid, an important vitamin that boosts serotonin production.
31) Eat foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Certain kinds of fish like salmon or sardines have Omega-3, which is known to elevate mood levels—high doses are even used to treat depression.
32) Eat more colorful fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants which help remove toxins from our bodies that cause stress and aging.
33) Put some strawberries in your breakfast. The smell of strawberries is known to invigorate and energize.

34) Drink hot mint tea. The scent of fresh mint is energizing and the steam will perk you up.

35) Smile. It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown.
36) Make a grateful list. Focus on all the great things in your life to enhance feelings of joy and attract more good things.
37) Break outside your comfort zone. Being comfortable doesn't make you happy challenging yourself does.
38) Follow your gut. Most of the time your first instinct is not only correct, but the best choice.
39) Don't regret your decisions. If it turns out you were wrong, don't waste time worrying about it, instead make the next best decision and move forward.
40) Accept that you can't be happy all the time. Focus on being content and the truly happiness will be all that much sweeter.
41) Try to see from others' perspectives. Much of our unhappiness comes from our frustration with other people not understanding us. Try to imagine how they see the world and the frustration will ease.
42) Let the little things go. There's no sense in wasting your energy and inhibiting your happiness by worrying about things you can't change.
43) Make the decision to be happy. Happiness is an attitude, not a physical state.
44) Don't take things personally. So often, anger and frustration directed at us is a result of someone else's misplaced stress. Recognize that it's not necessarily about you and you'll remain calmer and happier.
45) Savor the small moments. People who take longer to enjoy small moments and then reflect on them later in the day show significant increases in happiness.
46) Avoid comparing yourself to others. It's damaging to self-esteem focus on your own achievements.
47) Make meaningful goals. Harvard scientists say humans need a sense of purpose to thrive and that people with dreams and aspirations are happier than those without.
48) Embrace spirituality. Research suggests that people who participate in a religious community or explore alternate sets of beliefs are happier and better adjusted in life.
49) Have a good cry when you need it. Allowing yourself to break down completely is cathartic and you'll feel better after you let it all out.
50) Learn to forgive yourself. Focusing on your past mistakes serves no purpose besides keeping you from moving on.
51) Maintain perspective. When life starts to feel out of control, remind yourself of the positive things in your life and how lucky you are.
52) Define what happiness means for you. Don't worry about what other people define as happy, find what makes you happy and go for it. 
53) Stay close to friends and family. Moving far away from networks of support can take a toll on your level of happiness even if you have moved in order to make more money.
54) Get a dog. The studies showing the positive effects man's best friend can have on your psyche are numerous: better emotional and physical health and a wagging tail.
55) Give more hugs. Hugging releases the same chemical as massage and is always free.
56) Make time for your friends. Personal connections are so important and making even a little time to be with people who make you smile can keep you happy.
57) Make new friends. Meeting other people is exciting and finding a new person with whom to connect can only enhance your fulfillment.
58) Write thank-you notes. Expressing gratitude makes you and the recipient happy.
59) Call your mom. Or your dad, or your grandma or anyone you haven't talked to in a while and surprise them with a chat.
60) Get a cat. If you're not a dog person, cats make wonderful, loving, stress-reducing housemates and bed-warmers.
61) Cuddle up with someone you love. Enjoy time with your kids or your partner for instant happiness.
62) Babysit for a friend. Being around children's infectious optimism is sure to boost your mood.
63) Hold a baby. They're cute and cuddly and without a care in the world you'll feel instantly uplifted.

64) De-clutter. A clean home is a clean mind, and you'll feel better in an orderly environment.

65) Donate to charity. Giving to those less fortunate than you will make you appreciate what you have.
66) Rent a comedy. Take an hour and a half out of your day for pure laughing entertainment and you'll feel instantly boosted.
67) Watch If watching nonstop videos of playful kittens doesn't lift your spirits, nothing will.
68) Take a nap. A quick power nap, especially on a sunny afternoon, is luxurious and will help you make it through the day.
69) Change one thing in your daily routine. You'll stave off boredom and might discover something new that delights you.
70) Take a walk. Taking a quick walk, even just around the block can clear your mind and raise your mood.
71) Surround yourself with smells that make you happy. Smell is a much overlooked sense that greatly affects our mood try a coconut shampoo that reminds you of a vacation or bake cookies that remind you of childhood.
72) Listen to upbeat music. Even just a few minutes of a hip-shaking tune gets your blood flowing and makes you feel more positive.
73) Set your alarm early on a day you know you get to sleep in. When you wake up you'll get the pleasure of realizing that you don't have to get out of bed then rolling over for some more satisfying zzz's.
74) Paint a room in your house yellow. Looking at the color yellow has been proven to improve moods.
75) Make a home cooked-meal. You'll get not only tasty food, but the pride of having made it yourself.
76) Dress up for no reason. Putting on clothes that make you feel good increases your self-esteem and your mood.
77) Add some soft blue to your bedroom. Light blue has been shown to be the most calming color and can set the mood for a restful night's sleep essential to a positive attitude.
78) Do something you loved as a kid. Riding a roller-coaster or going sledding can help you connect to your inner child and remember simple thrills.
79) Wear red. Red can make us feel confident, powerful and strong.
80) Splash on some perfume/aftershave. Studies show that floral scents can make you happier.
81) Volunteer your time. Selfless acts and helping others is a fast route to genuine contentment.
82) Decorate your home for the holidays. Preparing for holiday celebrations is always fun and a great excuse to invite friends and family over.
83) Take time for yourself. Go to a movie, or a museum or a walk around town by yourself to re-connect.
84) Perform random acts of kindness. Hold open a door for a stranger or leave some money in the vending machine, for no other reason than doing something nice for your fellow man.
85) Send snail-mail. Rediscover the pleasure of old-fashioned communication.
86) Make time to curl up with a good book. It can be either a thought-provoking tome or a guilty pleasure.
87) Invest in fancy bedding. Be cozy and happy drifting to sleep and wake up to a happy morning.
88) Go bowling with friends. Throw back to your younger years, and bonus points for matching shirts.
89) Dance. Alone or at a club, dancing is fun and stress-releasing.
90) Pay off your credit card debt. Debt can be a major source of stress and you'll feel great when you eliminate it from your life.
91) Clean the house. Even if you don't like cleaning, a clean home can drastically improve your attitude.
92) Volunteer at a local animal shelter. You'll get the pleasure of knowing you're lending your time and brightening the day of some furry friends.
93) Find a hobby. Painting, singing, tai chi—it doesn't matter as long as you have an outlet to express yourself.
94) Turn off your phone for a day. Let people know in advance that you are taking a personal day and can only be reached in case of emergency. Savor the silence.
95) Sing in the shower. It doesn't matter what you sing, just make sure you belt it as loud as possible.
96) Stash some money in a secret place so you can discover it later. Pick a spot you're likely to forget so you get a thrill weeks or months later when you stumble on it.
97) Enjoy a guilty pleasure TV show. Make some popcorn and banish the guilt we all need a cheesy escape sometimes.
98) Go for a walk or jog in the rain. The high produced by exercise will be heightened by the cool rain on your face.
99) Enjoy a cold beer or chilled wine on a hot day. Need I say more?

100) Go to hear live music. Hearing music live puts you in the moment in a way an iPod can't.
And finally 101, Share with others! Tell us what makes you happy the places you've been or the things you've done we can all learn from each other!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How To Boost Your Self Confidence?

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In today's world, there is absolutely no room anymore for shrinking violets. You have to know how to have great self confidence, put yourself out there, shine a spotlight on yourself, and astound the world with your presence. This isn't a problem for people who are brimming with self esteem, but what about those who have yet to figure out how to have great self confidence? It's no big mystery and isn't really something that's programmed into people's chromosomes from birth - it can be cultivated. For all you know, that cool and assured person you've been admiring had to work hard to conquer his shyness.
It usually starts with possessing a healthy amount of self esteem. If you don't know the good qualities you possess, or if you don't believe you have anything worthwhile to offer the world, how can you move forward to success? Here are some tips to help you build your confidence level.

 Pump Up Your Self Esteem
Start out by assessing yourself. Be honest and brave enough to take a look at yourself; find out who you are and where you presently are in life. But don't start giving negative reviews of yourself.
Learn to have self discipline and silence your inner critic. Stop listening to that little voice of doubt that says you're not good enough or that other people are better than you. Tune in to thoughts that cheer you on and tell you exactly what you're good at. If you feel like focusing on your negative aspects, exercise self control and don't let yourself be overcome with despair. Use this opportunity to figure out how you can improve - and trust me, you can do better.

An important step is for you to take stock of your achievements. What have you accomplished in life? What kind of work are you good at? Do you have any talents or special skills? Answering these questions will give you a better sense of certainty about your abilities and will help you start thinking that, yes, you do have many fine qualities.

Overcome Shyness
Shyness prevents you from letting people see the real you, because you're afraid to say or do the wrong thing or to appear awkward. The problem is, by being shy and hanging back from the rest of the crowd, you're already projecting yourself as awkward. Take a look again at the first tip and give yourself a dose of self esteem by reminding yourself of your good traits.
Overcoming shyness doesn't mean that you have to start trying to dominate conversations or hog all the attention. You have to show respect, empathy, and recognition to others. All you need to do is emerge from your shell and be alert; always open yourself to interact with people. Always show your enthusiasm and radiate optimism, and you will naturally attract people's attention.

If someone approaches you, you don't have to look down at your feet or mumble inaudibly. Don't focus on how painfully shy you think you are and just listen to what the other person has to say. Believe it or not, there will be people out there who will have something interesting to say; they will then get you to share your views and ideas. Once you start talking and expressing yourself, then you've already taken a major step on having great self confidence.

Get Out There and Just Do It
Many of us don't think we are capable of doing the things we want because we're not sure about ourselves. Again, there's the dreaded voice of doubt. What you want is to be fearless enough so you'll be able to tackle all the things you've ever dreamed of doing.
Fear of failure is a big factor in the crumbling of our self-confidence, and this same fear is caused by our insistence on focusing on the negative side of things. True, it's never a bad thing to be cautious whenever we're thinking of new ventures, adventures, and activities, but too much caution will paralyze us, making us unable to take action.
So why not start thinking positively? Think hard about what you want to do. Join activities that may enhance your leadership and teamwork skills. If you stumble over any doubts or possible problems that will come up, don't immediately say, "I can't do it." Just imagine ways that will help you work around those problems.

Don't just second-guess your plans. Trust in your abilities and the fact that you can bounce back from any situation. That's already a big bonus. An even bigger plus for you is when you actually follow your dreams and achieve your goals, which would even make you feel confident that you can do anything.

Dress for Success
Shallow? Not really. You know how there are certain accessories or outfits that make you feel like a million bucks? This works the same way. Instead of putting on clothes that only make you feel drab and dull, choose the very things that make you stand out and feel special. It all starts in how you feel; and if you feel good about yourself, you will really act more confidently (and intelligently) throughout the day.
There are more ways on how to have great self confidence, but these are just some easy tactics for you to try. Building it may be a challenge for some, but just trust yourself and don't let doubt gnaw at you. With a little effort, you'll be shining brightly along with the best of people, so get to work!

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